You will appreciate our Publishing Services when you are a Book Publisher, a Publicist, a Literary Agent or a Book Author.  

By using our services you can let us do the legwork when it comes to:

  • manuscript assessments
  • creating editorial book reviews
  • getting a book edited
  • designing book covers and book interiors
  • receiving recorded author interviews


What we are not

We are not a book publisher. We will not list your book at a distributor for publishing at bookstores and other retailers. If you look to publish your book, you will need to contact a traditional or an indie-publisher. 


Editorial Book Reviews

Imagine you can have your book reviewed by a professional editor who will highlight the essence of your work in 500 words and give you feedback on many elements like style, reader perception, and grammar?

We write high-quality editorial reviews with a minimum of 500 words of your manuscript, galley proof, advanced review copy or a published book guaranteed within under a week and we place your review online. No other company can offer that. 

Getting authentic real book reviews is not an easy task. But with The Magic Pen you can solve that problem without all the hassle you otherwise have to go through. 

    • We guarantee that all our reviews are completed within less than 3 weeks and, with a small extra fee, we can even deliver your review within a week.
    • The pricing of our services is designed to remove the financial burden you might run into with reviews by our competitors like Kirkus Reviews or Chanti Reviews. Our prices are a fraction of the ones by our competitors. We can offer these prices because our company keeps a very low overhead with only a small staff and very motivated and engaged professional freelance reviewers. 
    • All our reviews are of the highest quality done by highly educated professionals with a literary background, doctorate or master degree.  

The Magic Pen has evolved from the largest music review site indieshark.com worldwide with over 5,000 music reviews per year to offer now authors, book publicists and publishers a secret weapon to make it big in the book industry. 

If you you are trying hard to get your book reviewed in a timely manner or are you discovering how hard it is to get your book reviewed in an authentic, professional matter? Are you getting nowhere fast running out of time because your summer campaign has an expiration date on it? 

Whether you are a professional author, PR Executive, publicist, literacy agent or an independent writer, The Magic Pen has you covered with dozens of professionals in contract and a reputable web presence ready to promote your latest marketing campaign.

We will review any genre including fiction, short story, non-fiction, and reference book. All reviews will be fair and honest and professional grade. All reviews will be 500 words minimum. 

The reviews, or just certain snippets, of your choice can be posted in the editorial section of your book listing at all retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and you can choose to have snippets of the review on the back, the front or inside your book.

Professional, editorial book reviews that are posted online will improve the search engine optimization for your book and increase the chances to be found by readers, discovered by agents, producers and other media.