Our mission is to be the most valuable and complete partner in the publishing industry. We want you as an author, a publisher, and a publicist to focus on what you do best. 


You will appreciate our Publishing Services when you are a Book Publisher, a Publicist, a Literary Agent or a Book Author.  

As a book publisher, you might like to focus on the strategic elements of book publishing and let us do the legwork.

As an author, you have a well-written manuscript but now you wonder how to get a well designed and marketed book into the reader's hands. 

Publicists use our services to have manuscripts reviewed for initial assessments and recommendations. 


We are not a book publisher. We help you publish your work in our name or with a publisher's label. We consult you on how you publish and manage your work in your own name or publisher label.

We are also not hybrid-publishers like CreateSpace, Kobo, Smashwords, Lulu or Bookbaby who will publish your work for you under their terms. 

We are also not a book or ebook retailer like iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon or Kindle. We will not sell your books for you. But we will show you how you will get your book into all book sales channels like bookstores, Amazon and libraries and receive royalties. 

We are not a direct publisher like Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) since we will not host your book on our systems. We will consult you on how to use existing platforms like IngramSpark or Draft2Digital. 

For example, we can assist you in listing your book at the book distributor IngramSpark to make your titles available to bookstores, libraries, educators, and other retailers. But we will transfer all credentials to you to manage your titles and financials after we listed your work.