Author Program


Product Description

The Author Program is a complete service that will transform your manuscript into a fully designed and ready-to-publish book. It will have bookstore quality and will be accepted by all bookstores. 

– Guaranteed Worldwide Distribution to all Bookstores, Universities, Libraries

– New York Publisher's Book Style Design Quality Guaranteed

– Print-Ready Book Files for Your Own Distribution

– Editorial Book Reviews for Marketing

– Physical Galley Proofs (Softcover)

– And much more all included ...


The service includes the following:

  • Book Design (Bd)
    • We will actually work with you in person, via ZOOM meetings and telephone to design a professional, engaging full front cover, back cover and spine.
    • Our designers will provide a complete interior design and layout of all interior pages.
    • We will create a professionally set up book in Adobe InDesign that allows for quick formatting and design changes based on feedback. 
    • Our books always come with a state-of-the-art copyright page.
    • We will consult you on New York Publisher's design styles that can compete with bestseller books. 
  • ISBN (Is)
    • Registration and assignment of an International Standard Book Number
    • Creation of a standard ISBN barcode
  • Editorial Review (Er)
    • A member of the our review staff will read your book in-full.
    • We will write a professional, Editorial Review of your book with a minimum 500 words, including quotes that you or your publisher can use for the Editorial Review section on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, book marketing, book cover jackets, etc.
    • You’ll receive a PDF of your Editorial Review.
    • Your Editorial Review can be posted on our website  including a purchase link, on Goodreads and on a website of your choice. Online posts will improve the search engine optimization for your book and increase the chances to be found by readers, discovered by agents, producers and other media. 
    • The post can generate a social media shout-out featuring your book on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.
  • Physical Galley Proof (GP)
    • Galley proofs are the preliminary versions of publications meant for review by authors, editors, and proofreaders, often with extra-wide margins. 
    • Our galley proofs are cut and bound just as the final book.
    • You will also receive an electronically galley proof before we print the physical galley.
    • Our program includes one or more physical galley proofs.
    • You will see and feel your book for the first time and make corrections after reviewing it. 
  • Wholesale Book Distribution 
    • This program does not include a publishing contract with a publishing house.
    • However, we can offer you independent distribution to your own audience. 
    • We will accept online orders from your target audience, print all books ordered, ship them to the customer and pay you royalties.
  • Submission to Publisher (Su)
    • If you are interested, we will submit your print-ready book to publishers for their consideration.
    • We work with several publishers who specialize in different genres.
    • When we submit your work to publishers your chances of acceptance are much higher because we know what publishers are looking for.
  • eBook Creation
    • This author program includes the creation of an ebook file of your entire book. 
    • File formats supported are MOBI and epub.

After you purchased the Author Program we will be in touch with you for the manuscript, book size and cover type.


Here is an illustration of our complete Author Program:







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