Amazon Publishing Pros Authors Should Consider Beforehand

Amazon Publishing Pros

Amazon is one of the known platforms for book purchasing, offering readers an extensive range of titles and formats. Its convenience, vast selection, and competitive pricing have made it a go-to destination for bibliophiles worldwide. 

With a simple search and click, readers can access books spanning various genres, authors, and languages. The popularity of the platform among readers is steadily increasing because of several factors. And the availability of Kindle e-books caters to diverse reading preferences, further expanding Amazon’s appeal. 

As readers seek convenience and variety in their book-reading experience, Amazon remains a frontrunner in meeting these demands, solidifying its position as a primary platform for book enthusiasts worldwide. 

The platform is not only beneficial for the readers but also offers a range of advantages for the authors which we will discuss in this blog along with some additional information that might be necessary for you to know. 

Some Statistics That Support Digital Publishing Perks With Amazon

Here, we have gathered statistics that support the idea of how Amazon publishing pros can be beneficial for the authors. 

  • The platform generates around $28 billion worldwide from annual book sales. (WordsRated)
  • Amazon has released over 1.4 million self-published books through its Kindle Direct Publishing every year (thepassivevoice)
  • According to the last official data the self-publishing authors made up 92% of all book listings on Amazon. (ZonGuru
  • Amazon sells over 487 million eBooks through Kindle every year. (WordsRated)
  • The platform pays over $520 million in royalties yearly to over 1 million authors who decided to self-publish through KDP.  (thepassivevoice)

All these stats show how Amazon has an open opportunity for the authors to choose the platform and gain a lot from it. 

Although, these stats are not the only thing that can urge the importance of Amazon as a beneficial partner. We have so much more to show you that represents how many advantages Amazon offers to the authors.

What is Amazon Publishing? And How Does It Work? 

Amazon Publishing is the publishing arm of Amazon, the global e-commerce giant. It was published in 2009 to offer authors alternative avenues to traditional publishing houses. Amazon Publishing offers multiple imprints catering to different genres and types of literature including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. 

How Does Amazon Publishing Work? 

Here is how Amazon publishing works!

  • Submission Process

The authors can submit their manuscripts directly to Amazon Publishing through their submission portals. Amazon accepts both agented and non-agented submissions. 

  • Imprints 

Amazon Publishing operates multiple imprints and each one focuses on specific genres or niches. Some of the notable imprints include Thomas and Mercer for mystery and thriller novels, Montlake Romance for romance fiction, and Lake Union Publishing for contemporary and historical fiction. 

  • Editorial process 

Once the manuscript is accepted, it undergoes a thorough editorial process that is similar to traditional publishing. Editors work closely with authors to refine the content and ensure high quality. 

  • Publishing And Distribution 

Upon completion, Amazon Publishing releases books in both digital formats. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is often used for digital releases while print copies are distributed through Amazon’s extensive network. 

  • Marketing And Promotion 

Amazon provides various marketing tools and promotional opportunities for its authors It includes featured placement on the Amazon website, targeted advertising, and participation in the Kindle Unlimited subscription service. 

  • Royalties And Payments 

Authors receive royalties that are based on book sales, similar to traditional publishing arrangements. Amazon Publishing offers competitive royalty rates and transparent payment structures. 

Let’s head to the next section about the advantages of Amazon publishing 

Amazon Self-Publishing Pros For Authors 

Amazon Publishing pros offers multiple advantages for authors who are looking to publish their work. Here are some key pros. 

1: Wide Distribution Reach 

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and provides authors with unmatched access to readers globally. Through Amazon publishing, authors can distribute their books in both digital and print formats, reaching millions of potential readers. 


Authors should carefully consider the terms of distribution agreements to ensure that they align with their publishing goals and rights. 

An example of this Pro

An author publishes their debut novel through Amazon Publishing and gains exposure to readers in various countries through Amazon’s extensive network. 

2: Control Over The Publishing Process 

One of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing benefits is that it offers authors great control over the publishing process compared to traditional publishing houses. Authors can retain ownership of their work and have more say in aspects such as cover design, pricing, and marketing strategies.


Authors should be vigilant in understanding their rights and responsibilities under the publishing agreement to avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts with Amazon 

An example of this Pro

An author collaborates with Amazon Publishing to design a custom cover for their book that aligns with their target audience and enhances its appeal and marketability. 

3: Faster Time To Market 

Amazon publishing typically offers faster turnaround times from manuscript submission to publication when compared to traditional publishing routes. Author can get their books into the hands of readers more quickly, and capitalize on current trends and market demands. 


Authors should make sure that expedited publication schedules do not compromise the quality of their work or overload the essential editing and revision processes. 

An example of this Pro

The author completes the manuscript and publishes it through Amazon publishing allowing them to capitalize on a timely topic and reach readers while the subject matter is still relevant. 

4: Royalty Options And Transparency

The platform provides author royalty options and allows them to choose the most suitable payment structure for their needs. In addition to this, Amazon offers transparent reporting tools that enable authors to track their sales and monitor the performance of their books in real-time. 


Carefully review royalty rates and payment terms to understand how the royalties are calculated and distributed by Amazon. 

 An example of this Pro

An author selects a royalty option that offers higher royalties for eBooks priced within a certain range. It maximizes their earning potential for digital sales through Amazon. 

5: Access To Marketing Tools And Resources

Amazon offers authors a range of marketing tools and resources to promote their books effectively. Whether they want to target advertising campaigns or participate in promotional events like Kindle Unlimited, authors can use the platform to expand their reach and connect with their target audience. 


Authors must be familiar with the marketing guidelines by Amazon and best practices to optimize the effectiveness of their promotional efforts and avoid any violation of policies by the platform. 

 An example of this Pro

An author enrolls their eBook in Kindle Unlimited and allows the subscriber to borrow and read their book for free while still receiving royalties based on the number of pages read. It increases their visibility and potential earnings. 

How Book Publishing Services Maximizes Amazon Publishing Advantages 

Book Publishing Services offers a comprehensive platform for authors to harness the benefits that are offered by Amazon Publishing. With the vast reach of Amazon and its influence in the publishing industry, you can capitalize on numerous advantages through a strategic collaboration with Book Publishing Services. 

Firstly, Amazon book publishing service assists you in navigating the complexities of the publishing ecosystem of Amazon. From formatting manuscripts to optimizing book descriptions and keywords, they ensure that your work stands out amidst the vast selection available on the platform.  

In addition to this, Book Publishing Services also uses Amazon’s extensive distribution network to ensure maximum exposure for your book. Through the global reach, you can tap into a wide audience base and reach readers across various demographics and regions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Here are some of the most asked questions about Amazon publishing to help you out with queries related to the topic. 

Q1. Is it good to publish books on Amazon? 

Yes, publishing books on Amazon offers you broad reach, potential income, and accessibility globally making it advantageous. 

Q2. What are the benefits of publishing with Amazon? 

Amazon offers a lot of benefits such as global reach, high royalty points, faster marketing, etc. In addition to this, the platform offers the following benefits. 

  • Ease of self-publishing.
  • Quick distribution and availability.
  • Control over pricing and promotions.
  • Analytics and sales tracking tools.
  • Ability to reach Kindle Unlimited subscribers.
  • Opportunities for audiobook production and distribution.
  • Integration with Amazon marketing tools like ads and promotions

Wrapping It Up 

Thank you for being here till the end. You now probably have all the information about Amazing Publishing and how it offers the authors a myriad of benefits. Whether you want to grow your readership, acquire more loyalty points, or want to break the traditional publishing stereotype – Amazon offers you everything at your disposal. 

And to help you with this, Book Publishing Services is ready. You can contact and collaborate with the Book Publishing Services to make sure that you are on the right track and are able to enjoy every bit of benefits provided by the platform.

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