What criteria will our reviewers use to review your book?

A book review will look at aspects such as the overall story, character development, author voice, and plot, down to details such as grammar, sentence structure, and word usage. 


Will anyone see my review if it’s bad?

No, you determine who will see your reviews. Also, our reviewers typically do not write "bad" reviews. 


What happens after I publish my review?


How do you choose a reviewer?

Typically, we choose an appropriate reviewer for your book. We have about 50 reviewers on staff, which cover all slightly different genres and styles. 


Since I'm paying for the review, will it be positive?

Our reviews are 


Does my book’s publication date affect my ability to get a review?

No. We can review a book at any time of its lifetime. 


How does Reprospace decide which reviews get published in the magazine and in the email newsletter?

We constantly work with our reviewers to select relevant reviews to be added to our magazine and email newsletter. You can also pay a fee to be listed in one our publications. 


Will there be a summary in each review?

Yes. We always include a final paragraph with a summary of the entire review, which can be used as a 


Will it hurt my chances of getting a positive review if I publish exclusively in e-book format?



Will a cover design, marketing plan, or any other collateral information affect my review?

No. We exclusively go by the book your provide. 


How do I know if my book received a Reprospace Award?


Can I submit an updated manuscript after I have placed my order?


My book is intended for a niche audience. Will that affect my chance of getting a positive review?

No. Most of the books that we review are in a way books for a certain audience. So, the target audience doesn't really matter to us. However, 


Who is reviewing my book?

Reprospace works with an increasing number of independent reviewers. All reviewers are experienced professional authors, journalists, and academics in a wide range of fields. We assign titles based on a reviewer's professional experience, expertise, and reading interests, and they also consider elements such as content, style, genre, and sub-genre. We then match your book with a reviewer who is a content and genre expert, has experience with similar styles, and enjoys books like yours.


When will I receive my review? 

You will receive your review in the time frame stated in your order. Typically between 1 week and 4 weeks. 


What genres, formats and languages do you accept for review?

We accept all genres but at this point only english literature. More to follow in the near future. 


Does Reprospace review audiobooks?

At this point, we do not review audiobooks. This might come in the near future. 


Does Reprospace Indie review foreign-language books?


I'm not self-published, but my book was not reviewed by Reprospace prior to publication. May I purchase a review?


How should I format my manuscript before submitting it?


I have a series of books. Should I start by having the first book in the series reviewed, even if it is not my most recent title?


I want to place an order for a second review. Can I request to have the same reviewer read my second book?


My review refers to a previous title of mine and not the work in question.


I would like to have my review posted to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. How do I do it?