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Maximum file size is 800000, file types are txt, pdf, rtf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, accdb, mdb, one, pps, ppsx, ppt, pptx, pub, odt, ods, odp, odg, odf

Product Description

We will write and distribute a press release. Our press releases are written by journalist and PR experts. We generate media coverage and communicate your messages effectively with a compelling & effective press release that would draw media attention.

The launch of your new book on amazon, website, mobile app (iOS, Android), music EP, kickstarter and crowdfunding campaign, etc is not complete without adequate exposure through a well written press release which would in turn lead to massive conversions. This is where you definitely need this service. With standard press release guidelines, knowledge of your work, understanding of your market, and research on what others are doing with an awareness of the competitive edge you have to offer, we will write press releases that will grab media attention.

Our distributions are always search engine optimized (SEO) & guarantee you a 99.9% pick up rate with guaranteed publications.

We will prepare a press release for the release for your book. It will be sent to the national press outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox affiliates plus 100 outlets. This can give you the legally claim "as seen on".
We will include three high-resolution images of the book for added engagement.
Once you purchase our service, we will need to following information that you like to use for the press release. 
Name of contact person: 
Phone number (a toll-free number is recommended): 
Email: Address: 
Include the URL of 
your website: 
book listing: 
Electronic Play: 
If you want the press release also for Local Distributions, please, include this info: 
- Preferred City/Metro Area/State: 
- Preferred Industry targets: 
Two quotes, including the name/position of the business owner or official spokesperson. This is a good place to add a "voice" of enthusiasm or emphasis on the announcement, your business, and its offerings, your goals and/or competitive advantages, etc. You can leave blank if you do not want to include this. 
What does your organization provide or do that others in your industry/market niche don't? 
Describe your target market. Provide details about whose attention you hope to attract with this press release. 
Do you have a particular angle you would like us to use in the release? (Current trend, related event) 
Boilerplate – this will appear at the end of your press release. 
a. Name and title of the business owner(s): 
b. Owner's background: 
c. Provide a summary of your business or organization: 

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