Virtual Book Signings


Product Overview

Book signings are maybe the last thing the Internet hasn’t really made easier for new authors yet. Until now!

Our service for virtual book signing events include the following. We will ...

  • work with you in person (via phone, video meetings and face-to-face if possible) to define the book signing agenda.
  • build a list of contacts based on industry or interest group using industry databases like
  • provide a list of sorted contacts with phone number and full addresses. Unfortunately, we will not able to provide you with email addresses because of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. 
  • provide a unique URL for sharing with potential participants for registration.
  • optional: design an eye-catching invitation for all contacts on the list. 
  • optional: send out invitations for event to entire list.
  • optional: collect money from contacts who requested a signed book.
  • optional: collect money from contacts if the event includes a general fee.
  • host and moderate the entire book signing event with you as the main speaker.
  • create a live-video recording and provide a mp4 file after the event.
  • send out author copies and handle the book signing logistics.

Below is a sample list of contacts authors can use to call or to send out invitations to the event. 




Participants can register, so you know who will come to your book signing.